Upcoming Events

August 9-11, 2016

Flash Memory Summit 2012

AgigA Tech showcases its DDR4 NVDIMM-N solutions and gives a multi-vendor demonstration on a single Supermicro X10 platform.

Recent Events

August 11-13, 2015

Flash Memory Summit 2012

August 5-7, 2014

Flash Memory Summit 2012

April 24-25, 2013

2013 Edison Awards

Chicago, Illinois

AgigA Tech was named the Gold
Medal winner for innovation in the
Electronics & Computers category
at the 2013 Edison Awards!

Aug 21-23, 2012

Flash Memory Summit 2012

AgigA Tech showcased our latest product offering at the 2012 Flash Memory Summit and announced availability of our 3rd generation AGIGARAM DDR3 Non-Volatile DIMM solutions.

Nov 29-30, 2011

Server Design Summit

2011 Server Design Summit

Santa Clara Marriott

AgigA Tech showcased the latest innovations in battery-free non-volatile memory technology at the 2011 Server Design Summit. Ron Sartore, AgigA Tech’s CEO, also presented a paper entitled “Hello Non-Volatile DIMMs - Goodbye UPS!”.

Download Hello Non-Volatile DIMMs - Goodbye UPS presentation here.

Oct 28, 2011

TechAmerica Award Winner 2011

18th Annual TechAmerica High Tech Awards

Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

The TechAmerica High Tech Awards were held on Oct. 28th and showcased San Diego’s most innovative technology companies. AgigA Tech was named a winner in the category of Computers and Related Products.

Aug 9-11, 2011

Flash Memory Summit 2010

2011 Flash Memory Summit

Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

AgigA Tech again hosted a booth at the 2011 Flash Memory Summit. During the show, we introduced and demonstrated an evaluation system for our AGIGARAM DDR3 NVDIMM solution.

2011 Flash Memory Summit

June 13-15, 2011

Red Herring Winner 100

2011 Red Herring North America Forum

Hollywood, CA

“AgigA Tech was named to the Red Herring Top 100 North America, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures in the region. AgigA Tech CEO Ron Sartore was on hand accept the award.”

October 12-14, 2010

Advanced Energy Storage

2010 Advanced Energy Storage Conference

San Diego, CA


Lane Hauck, senior member of the technical staff at AgigA Tech, presented a paper entitled “Ultracapacitors Provide a Novel Solution for a New Memory” and participated in a panel discussion for the “Data Integrity and Enterprise Backup” session.

A copy of Lane’s presentation is available at http://www.agigatech.com/whitepaper.php.

Aug 17-19, 2010

Flash Memory Summit 2010

2010 Flash Memory Summit

Santa Clara Convention Center

From Aug 17th to Aug 19th, AgigA Tech attended the 2010 Flash Memory Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center. We hosted a booth in the Exhibitor’s Showcase and our very own Lane Hauck presented a paper entitled “Reliable Flash-Backed Cache Using Ultracaps” during the Flash Memory as Cache for Client Computing Applications Session.

A copy of Lane’s presentation is available at http://www.agigatech.com/whitepaper.php.

Joulie and Faraday
Our mascots “Joulie” and “Faraday” showing off AGIGACAPS

AgigA Tech Booth
AgigA Tech booth in Exhibitor’s Showcase